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The Babbington Press is reissuing the Personal History in hardcover, paperback, and ePub.
The Personal History is also available free on Substack.
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“Perhaps the most ambitious and rewarding literary enterprise of our time. . . . Even when you find yourself laughing aloud, it would be a mistake to take Eric Kraft lightly.”

Andrew Ervin, The San Francisco Chronicle


The Personal History seems to be the memoirs and collected works of Peter Leroy, who tells an alternative version of his life story; explores the effect of imagination on perception, memory, hope, and fear; holds a fun-house mirror to scenes of life in the United States; ruminates upon human consciousness; and prods and probes the painful world of time and place in search of the niches where hilarity hides.


“Kraft’s imagination, like Leroy’s, is endlessly fertile, not merely in its creations but in its connections, as well, so that each apparently innocent anecdote chimes with Kraft’s broader theme of the imagined life, of its thrilling, enhancing, and ultimately dangerous connection to the real.”

Claire Messud, Newsday


“Eric Kraft has spent his writing career creating a series of comic masterpieces . . . and am I ever glad he did. . . . The books can be read in any order, but be warned: Once you start the series, you won’t want to read anything else until you finish them all.”

Nancy Pearl, Book Lust


Available Now


Herb ’n’ Lorna

(A Love Story)

Herb 'n' Lorna Cover


Little Follies

(A Novel in Nine Novellas)

Little Follies Cover


Albertine’s Overcoat

(A Novel)

Albertine's Overcoat Cover


Reservations Recommended

(A Novel)

Reservations Recommended Cover


Where Do You Stop?

(A Novel)

Where Do You Stop? Cover


What a Piece of Work I Am

(A Confabulation)

What a Piece of Work I Am Cover


At Home with the Glynns

(A Novel)

At Home with the Glynns Cover


Leaving Small’s Hotel

(A Novel)

Leaving Small's Hotel Cover


Inflating a Dog

(The Story of Ella’s Lunch Launch)

Inflating a Dog Cover


Passionate Spectator

(A Novel)

Passionate Spectator Cover



(A Novel)

Flying Cover


Still to Come




Read an Introduction to the Personal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy (a pdf document).

Cover of the Introduction


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